The Sorcerer Lords are immortal Sorcerers that have fled from the World of Caldrean when it was devastated through their pursuit of magic and their attempts to become as Gods. The fled through portals to new planes and worlds to pursue their ongoing dreams of conquest and power.

Premade Sorcerer LordsEdit

These are some of the known (premade) Sorcerer Lords, that you can play Planar Conquest as. They include: (To be listed)

Custom Sorcerer LordsEdit

You can create / design the sorcerer Lord that you wish to play. The settings that you can adjust include the following:

Appearance and Name

Spell Circles

There are 12 different Spell Domains to choose from. You can break them down into 2 sets of 6, with one group being in regards to the elemental group, and the other relating to the effect of the spells. Each spell belongs to 2 circles (One being the elemental circle, and the other belonging to the effect spell circle).

You can distribute points into these as you desire up to a total of 9 points. At 9 points, the mastery option becomes available in the positive disciplines. Note that as you increase the number of points in a spell domain, you will have access to more spells, both on creation and throughout the game.

The different spell domains are: The Elemental Spell Circles: Life, Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Death; and the Effect Spell Circles: Augmentation, Biomancy, Mentalism, Summoning, Protection, and Destruction.

Positive and Negative Disciplines

Each Discipline has a different point cost that is listed beneath it. Negative Disciplines will give you more points to distribute among your spell circles and positive disciplines.

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