Sky Drake are elemantal dragons of Air. They are some of the most powerful creatures in existance, with powerful meee attacks and near immunity to magic.



Flying - Unit can fly, which negates all terrain penalties. A Flying unit cannot be attacked by non-flying units in melee, although they do counterattack.
Fear - Unit radiates a terryfying aura. Any enemy attacking it in melee must pass a Will save or be unable to strike.
Thrown Weapons - Unit has additional attack at the start of melee phase.
Summon - Unit was summoned and belongs to another world.


Living - Unit is a living creature or creatures. It is healed by Positive Energy and damaged by Negative Energy.
Illusion Immunity - Unit is immune to illusions. It can see invisible units and illusory attacks do not ignore its armor.
Electrical Resistance - Unit recieves 40 damage less from all Electrical attacks.
Spell Resistance - Unit is naturally resistant to magic. All enemy spells must pierce through spell resistance to affect this unit.
Iron Will - Unit receives +3 bonus to Will saving throw (summary above already contains this bonus).


Thrown AttackEdit

DMG: 9-19
ACC: +11
CRIT: 20x2

Electrical: 9-19

This attack will reach flying units.


DMG: 10-25
ACC: +20
CRIT: 20x2

Slashing: 10-25

This attack will reach flying units.

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