Cities can utilize Resources that fall within their boundaries. Some resources may be modified by spells, such as transmute (earth domain spell). The number of resources available on the map can be adjusted in initial game settings when creating the game. Resources types and quantities vary depending upon the Planes of Existence that they are found upon.

Some Resources require the building of an alchemist guild to access. Some spells can increase the harvest of the resources, and certain buildings can increase this as well, such as miners guilds.

Coal OreEdit

Bonus: +2 production Found on plane: Prime, .... May be transmuted to Iron Ore (transmute spell)

Iron OreEdit

Bonus: +3 production Found on plane: Prime, .... Can be transmuted to Mithril Ore (transmute spell)


Bonus: +2 gold Found on plane: Prime, paradise, Earth, .....


Bonus: +3 Gold Found on plane: Prime, Earth, .....


Bonus: +5 gold Found on plane: Air, Earth, ....

Mithril OreEdit

Bonus: +1 Power Found on plane: Earth, .... With an alchemist guild, mithril ore gives units produced in the city a +1 dam / +1 to hit bonus

Adamantium OreEdit

+2power, unit amour +1


City Spell Resistance once alchemist guild is built (+8 spell resist)

Wild GameEdit

Bonus: + 2 Food Found on Plane: All except Fire and Negative plane?

Fertile SoilEdit

Bonus: +1 Food Found on Plane: ??


Bonus: +2 Gold


Bonus: +2? Food


Bonus: +1 production, +1 Food (needs confirmation)

(WIP... a table may be more effective here!)

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