There are 7 different planes of existence. Each one has unique topography, landscapes and resources. In the initial setup of the game, you can choose how many planes you would like to play with. The planes are connected via gateways (and via nodes if you have the gateway sorcerer lord discipline). Gateways are always initially protected by difficult guardians.

Prime MaterialEdit

This is the standard plane with a variety of landscapes from forests to deserts, plains to mountains and oceans.


Desolate, and hot! This plane can be quite dark as well, however there are many power crystal, and minerals to be harvested.


The regular rainfall and mists in this plane make everything green and blue. There is a richness of food production here.


A desolate but productive plane. Rich in gemstones and ores. Not a lot to eat however. A dwarfs paradise!


I hope you have wings! This plane consists of flying islands, that are rich in minerals.


Beautiful and serene, this plane is a green bountiful plane, that will give bonuses to food production. Don't expect too many minerals to be found, although there are fountains of healing, and the tree of life also exists on this plane.

The Negative PlaneEdit

This plane is completely corrupted. It is an undead haven, with graveyards and boneyards, and negative energy galore!

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