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Planar Conquest is a 4x Fantasy Role Playing Strategy Game. You take control of a Sorcerer Lord who is struggling to bring order to the Planes of existence. If you don't take control, someone else will!

On the Playstation 4 and Xbox One the game is titled Worlds of Magic: Planar Conquest.


Spells - spells basics.

Spell CirclesEdit

  • Arcane Circle - basic Circle available to all Sorcerer Lords.
  • Air Circle - specialized in flying, scouting and agility.
  • Death Circle - specialized in raising undead, and controlling Negative Energy to enhance Undead and curse Living.
  • Earth Circle - specialized in defence, and improving cities.
  • Fire Circle - specialized in damage, curses and blessings with strong side-effects.
  • Life Circle - specialized in healing, positive enchantments and protection spells.
  • Water Circle - specialized in less straightforward offensive magic.
  • Augmentation Circle - specialized in positive enchantments.
  • Biomancy Circle - specialized in affecting both life and death.
  • Destruction Circle - straightforward Circle specialized in destruction and direct damage.
  • Mentalism Circle - Circle that specializes in affecting minds to enhance or
  • Protection Circle - specialized in defensive enchantments and dispelling.
  • Summoning Circle - specialized in summoning units from all elemental circles.

Items - general description of available item types.

  • Crafting - more on available item enchantments.


Races - short comparison of available races.

  • Dark Elves - medium boost to power from population, slow city growth.
  • Draconians - all Draconian units can fly, small boost to power from population, slow city growth.
  • Dwarves - tough but slow units and good production output.
  • Grey Elves - a lot of ranged units, small boost to power from population, slow city growth.
  • High Men - race designed to be average in every respect.
  • Myrodants - good production output, varied units
  • Orcs - strong early game infantry, best coastal cities, but no ranged units.
  • Unhallowed - Undead that need corrupted area and dark energy to grow their cities.

Sorcerer LordsEdit

Sorcerer Lords - list of pre-made Sorcerer Lords.

  • Disciplines - positive and negative disciplines that Sorcerer Lord may have.


Units - general information on units.

  • Normal Units - units that can be produced in cities.
  • Summoned Units - units that can be summoned using magic spells.
  • Unaligned Units - units that can be acquired using inns, most often encountered as enemies.
  • Heroes - heroes are unique customizable single figure units.

Unit Abilities - list of unit abilities.


Planes of Existence - basic information about available planes.

World Events - random events that have low chance of happening every turn.

Resources - special resources that can be found on normal tiles and give bonuses to nearby city.

World Features - ruins and dungeons you can conquer for special rewards.


Combat - a few words of explanation about d20 system used in this game.


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