Nagas belong to a race of snake people. They aren't the most powerful fighters, but they are venomous, tough and able to swim across waters.



Summon - Unit was summoned and belongs to another world.
Venomous - Unit's attacks apply additional Poison damage unless a Fortitude save is made.


Acid Immunity - Unit is immune to Acid damage.
Poison Immunity - Unit is immune to Poison.
Toughness - Unit has additional 3 hit points (infobox description already contains this bonus).
Living - Unit is a living creature or creatures. It is healed by Positive Energy and damaged by Negative Energy.



DMG: 5-9
ACC: +8
CRIT: 20x2

Bludgeoning: 5-9
Poison (Fortitude saving throw negates): 3-9

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