Items are used by Heroes, and are found when you conquer a World Structure, Bought at an Inn, traded with another Sorcerer Lord, or created via the forge. Items can make your hero nearly invincible. Items can be divided into weapons, shields, Helms, Cloaks, Armor, and Rings.

Heroes can wear 2 rings at one time, and can dual-wield 2 single handed weapons. If wielding a ranged weapon (apart from wands), most heroes can also equip a single handed weapon in the off hand. You can't use a shield with ranged weapons, wands, or a 2 handed weapon.


Weapon Enchantments include an enhancement bonus that gives a bonus to hit and damage. A +1 bonus gives the character +1 to hit and +1 to damage, while a +5 enchantment gives +5 to hit and +5 to damage. A rapier +5 would be +5 to hit and would do 1d6+5 damage (6 to 11 damage), where 1d6 is the rapiers base damage.

Enchantment costs in the Forge are varied, and each enchantment requires a certain base number of spell domain circles to be able to make.

Two Handed WeaponsEdit

Two Handed Weapons do more base damage than a one handed weapon. You cannot use a shield with a two handed weapon. Some

Ranged weaponsEdit

Ranged weapons are considered two handed and offer 8 missiles per battle.


Wands are restricted to wizard heroes. They use 3 mana per attack. They are considered two handed too.


Armor increases AC. Not all characters can equip every armour type

Heavy ArmourEdit

Only for Clerics and Fighters.

Breastplate, Banded Armor, Plate Armor and Full Plate Armor are considered heavy.

Medium ArmourEdit

Armor for Rogues, Clerics and Fighters.

Chain Armor, Hide Armor, Scale Armor and Chainmail are considered medium.

Light ArmourEdit

Everyone can equip those.

Padded Armor, Leather Armor and Studded Leather Armor are considered light.


Shields increase AC. For some reason you can equip 2 shields.


Those items include Helmets, Cloaks and Rings.


You can craft custom magic items yourself. Types of enchantments you can use for crafting is decided by your skill in each domain (except for Summoning which offers no enchantments).

Unlike maximum spell level, effect and elemental domain giving access to the same enchantment do not stack.

For list of all available enchantments, please visit Crafting article.

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