Heroes are a special type of single-figure unit. There is only a single copy of each hero per game. If he dies, he won’t appear again. He can only return when resurrected by his owner.

Unlike other units, hero can gain up to 10 levels during a game. Heroes are able to use items enchanted by Sorcerer Lord.

Heroes belong to one of 7 available hero classes: Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue and Wizard. Classes dictate base stats and how they improve with levels. Weapon and armor types a hero can use is dictated by his hero class too.

Acquisition Edit

Heroes can be obtained:

  • at an inn. There is a 10% chance a hero appears in one of the two slots. Hero will cost 100 + 10*Fame Required.
  • in an event. Fame increases the chance of that happening, while possessing heroes already reduces it. Hero will cost 100 + 10 * Fame Required.
  • summoned  using  a  spell. Summon Hero summons a random hero, Summon Champion summons a random champion. Summoned heroes have no additional hiring costs.
  • as a reward for conquering World Features. Freed heroes have no hiring costs.

Heroes start relatively weak, but with experience and equipment, can become extremely powerful.

List of available Heroes Edit

List of available Champions Edit

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