Great Wyrms are one of the dreads of the world. They can burrow beneath the earth, attacking enemies instantaneously. They are very resilient and have fearsome bite.


Fear - Unit radiates a terryfying aura. Any enemy attacking it in melee must pass a Will save or be unable to strike.

Merging - Unit can merge with earth and move to any tile on the battlefield at the cost of 1 movement point.

Summon - Unit was summoned and belongs to another world.

Venomous - Unit's attacks apply additional Poison damage unless a Fortitude save is made.

Swamp Dweller - Unit is able to move through swamps at cost of 1 Movement Point.

Living - Unit is a living creature or creatures. It is healed by Positive Energy and damaged by Negative Energy.

Acid Immunity - Unit is immune to Acid damage.

Stoning Immunity - Unit is immune to any stoning attacks.

Poison Immunity - Unit is immune to Poison.



DMG: 17-42
ACC: +20
CRIT: 20x2

Slashing: 14-24
Acid: 3-18
Poison: 3-12

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