Arcane Spells are spells which are available to, or can be researched by, every player, regardless of their Sorceror Lord design.


Tier I: Edit

  • Dispel Magic. 10 mana. Attempts to dispel enchantments affecting target unit with 1.5x mana modifier.
  • Recall Hero. 10 mana. Recalls target hero to summoning circle.


Tier 0: Edit

Tier III: Edit

  • Disenchant Area. 50 mana. Attempts to dispel all enchantments on target tile (including city and unit enchantments if city/units are on target tile) with 1.5x mana multiplier.

Tier IV: Edit

Tier V: Edit

  • Disjunction. 200 mana. Attempts to dispel global enchantment.

Tier VI: Edit

Tier VII: Edit

Tier IX: Edit

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